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Hot Air Circulating Drier
Hot Air Circulating Drier is a hot air circulation drying equipment, also known as hot air circulation dryer or hot air circulation dryer. It is a common drying equipment for powder materials, suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials and other fields.
Horizontal Plough Mixer
Horizontal plough mixer is a horizontal agitator with linear design, which consists of a power system, rotating shaft, mixing tank, agitator and seals, etc. The agitator is mainly used for mixing and dispersing materials.
Oscillating Granulator
This Oscillating Granulator Machine is suitable for high viscosity material, such as chicken powder. By positive and reverse rotation of rolls, the wet powder mixture forced through the screen mesh to be granulates.
Swing Oscillating Granulator
The Swing Oscillating Granulator is a pulverizer used to make solid particles or powder into granules or granules. It consists of the rotation of a shaft and the nip pitch in oscillations generated by the movement of a hammer-like feeder to accomplish the preparation of pellets or granules of controlled size.
Wet Mixing Granulator Machine
Wet Mixing Granulator Machine is a device that mixes various raw materials and adds liquid to form wet substances, and then manufactures them into granules or solid substances.
Swing Granulator
The pharmaceutical sector utilizes the Swing Granulator extensively to transform dry powder ingredients into granules. The Swing Granulator operates on a similar basis to granulators, which have a spinning disc and a set of cutting knives.
Rotating Granulator
Rotating granulator is a machine widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, and is usually used to make raw materials into granules. It consists of funnel, rotating blade, screen, driving device and so on.
High Speed Rapid Shear Mixer Wet Granulator
High Speed Rapid Shear Mixer Wet Granulator is a high-speed shear mixer wet granulator, which is mainly used to manufacture granular products in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries.
Sesame Paste Crusher
Sesame paste crusher is a kind of equipment for grinding sesame, peanut, almond and other materials to make paste. The equipment is usually composed of motors, hammers, screens, conveyor belts and other components, which can efficiently and evenly grind raw materials into fine sauces.
Fruit Crusher
Fruit crusher is suitable for crushing fruits and vegetables into granules which can be varied according to requirements. Fruit crushers are mainly used for crushing vegetables to make pickles, and are also used to crush hard fruits and vegetables before further processing.
Jet Mill For Micron Powder
Jet mill for micron powder is a kind of equipment for preparing nano-scale powder. Its working principle is to spray high-speed airflow into the processing chamber, and the high-speed impact of the airflow impacts the powder for crushing, so as to obtain the required micron-scale or nano-scale powder.
Airflow Crusher
The machine adopts the principle of air flow to spray the material into the high-speed rotating blade, and through the action of centrifugal force and air flow force, the material is quickly and finely ground into powder, and then classified, collected and transported.
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