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Horizontal Plough Mixer
Horizontal plough mixer is a horizontal agitator with linear design, which consists of a power system, rotating shaft, mixing tank, agitator and seals, etc. The agitator is mainly used for mixing and dispersing materials.
Coffee Mixing Machine
The inner wall of the coffee mixing machine is smooth and has no dead ends. The tank body has a unique four-way stirring movement track.
Cone Mixer for Powder
The cone mixer for powder is composed of a single screw and an S-shaped blade, which has the characteristics of large stirring range, fast mixing speed and no dead angle.
Double Cone Blender
The effective volume for optimal homogeneity is between 35-70% of the total volume. The SLANT double cone design eliminates dead spots.
Double Paddle Mixer
Double paddle mixer is a high-efficiency powder mixer used in the chemical industry.
Rotating Drum Powder Mixer
Rotating drum powder mixer is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, pigment, electronics and other industries, and has a remarkable mixing effect on powders and granules with good fluidity.
3D Mixing Machine
We manufacture laboratory and industrial grade 3D mixing machines that meet the GMP requirements of different industries. We also offer cost-effective custom facilities to meet the requirements of your specific application.
3D Motion Mixer
Our 3D motion mixers are made of high-grade stainless steel. The sturdy frame moves easily even at the machine's maximum load capacity.
3D Swing Mixer
3D swing mixer is used to uniformly mix powders and granules to an effective state. 3D swing mixer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy and other industries.
Food Ribbon Mixer
The food ribbon mixer is a research pioneer product and a new type of high-efficiency mixer.
Horizontal Mixer for Food
The horizontal mixer for food is an efficient and versatile mixer for uniform mixing of dry granules and powders.
Horizontal Ribbon Blender
The horizontal ribbon blender is a basic industrial blender. They basically consist of a grooved housing with a semicircular bottom (usually 2 to 3 times longer than the width)