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Oscillating Granulator
This Oscillating Granulator Machine is suitable for high viscosity material, such as chicken powder. By positive and reverse rotation of rolls, the wet powder mixture forced through the screen mesh to be granulates.
Product Introduction



The Oscillating Granulator is a highly efficient machine that is designed to granulate and crush various types of materials without affecting their physical properties. It is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing to create uniform-sized granules that can be easily handled and stored.


Features and Benefits:


1. High Efficiency - The Oscillating Granulator is equipped with a powerful motor that can process large quantities of materials quickly and efficiently. This ensures that the production process is not slowed down, and turnaround times are minimized.


2. Easy to Use - The machine’s compact design makes it easy to install and operate. It also features an intuitive control panel that allows the user to adjust the speed, amplitude, and angle of oscillation with ease.


3. Consistency - The Oscillating Granulator creates granules that are uniform in size and shape. This ensures that the end product is of high quality and meets the necessary standards.


4. Versatility - The machine’s multiple blades and screens allow it to handle a wide range of materials, from powders to pellets. It is also suitable for use in a variety of industries and applications.


5. Reduced Maintenance - The Oscillating Granulator is designed for minimal maintenance and easy cleaning. This helps to reduce downtime and ensures that the machine is always in peak condition.




1. Pharmaceuticals - The Oscillating Granulator is ideal for granulating active ingredients, excipients, and other materials used in pharmaceutical production. It ensures that the final product is of high quality and meets regulatory standards.


2. Food Processing - The machine can be used to granulate materials such as sugar, salt, and spices for use in food production. It creates granules that are easy to handle and store, ensuring that the end product is of consistent quality.


3. Chemical Manufacturing - The Oscillating Granulator is highly effective at processing chemicals, creating uniform-sized granules that are easy to handle and store. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of chemical applications.




The Oscillating Granulator is a versatile and highly efficient machine that is essential for any business involved in the production of granular materials. Its high efficiency, ease of use, and versatility make it an essential investment for any manufacturer looking to improve their productivity and reduce costs. With minimal maintenance and easy cleaning, the Oscillating Granulator is a reliable and cost-effective solution that is sure to meet your needs.


Product Description

This Oscillating Granulator Machine is suitable for high viscosity material, such as chicken powder. By positive and reverse rotation of rolls, the wet powder mixture forced through the screen mesh to be granulates. Oscillating Granulator Machine widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, it is a popular granulating machine used for forming the granule sizes from moist powder material, or for crushing dried block stock into granules in required size.



Product specification



Granulator dia

Motor power

Drum speed

Drum diameter

Overall dimension



























Working principle

An oscillating rotor is used in an oscillating granulator's basic design to mechanically convey compressed material through a plate or screen with wire mesh. The clockwise or counterclockwise direction can change the rotor speed and rotation time. The size of the mill screen, rotor speed, and rotor rotation angle all affect particle size.


Main Features

1. The vibration granulator uses the rolling motion of the rotating cylinder to granulate the wet powdery materials into particles through the screen. It can also directly crush the agglomerated materials into small particles.

2. In the field of chemical medicine, the mixed powder can be granulated into granules, dried and pressed into tablets. It can also be used to granulate solidified materials formed during storage or chemical processing. In the food industry it is used for processing confectionery and sugar mixtures as well as barley dairy products. In other industries, it can be used to granulate ceramic and plastic mixtures, etc. into shaped pellets.

3. Not suitable for solid, fluid media, paste or crushing.

4. The mesh number of the screen is prepared by the user according to the size of the particles.




1. Pharmaceutical industry: for the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets and pills. After mixing the raw drug powder with water or other solvents and binders, it is ground by an Oscillating Granulator Machine to make shaped granules. The taste, texture and release speed of the final product can be well guaranteed.

2. Food industry: It is suitable for subdividing food raw materials such as nuts, dried fruits, candy, chocolate, etc., and can also crush puffed food, spices and other materials to meet their specific particle size requirements.

3. Chemical industry: It can be used in the preparation of granulated chemicals, carbon black, dyes and other materials. By fine-tuning the vibration speed and feed volume, the size and shape of the particles produced can be controlled while saving energy and reducing production costs.

4. Agricultural production: It can be used to crush seeds and fertilizers, improve the efficiency and quality of crop growth, and meet the production needs of farmers.


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