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Swing Granulator
The pharmaceutical sector utilizes the Swing Granulator extensively to transform dry powder ingredients into granules. The Swing Granulator operates on a similar basis to granulators, which have a spinning disc and a set of cutting knives.
Product Introduction

The Swing Granulator is a machine that revolutionizes the process of granulating materials for manufacturing. This cutting-edge product is manufactured in China and exclusively offered to merchants seeking high-quality and efficient equipment for their production processes. This granulator is designed to provide a faster, more efficient, and cleaner manufacturing process that ultimately reduces production costs.


The Swing Granulator is designed for the size reduction of plastic, wood, rubber, and a wide range of other materials. It uses an impressive technology to shred materials into smaller granules that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are in the business of making plastic bags or manufacturing toys, this machine can facilitate the production process while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


One of the notable features of the Swing Granulator is its high-speed motor that enables it to process a large amount of material within a relatively short period. The blades used in this machine are also designed to last longer, which translates to reduced maintenance and repair costs.


Another aspect that sets this granulator apart from others is its user-friendly design. Its compact size makes it accessible and convenient for a variety of applications. The machine is also easy to operate and maintain, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. The Swing Granulator is designed with a chiller and air filter, making it safe to use and ensuring maximum efficiency.


The Swing Granulator also features a sleek and modern design. It is easy to clean and maintain, which ensures it is always in top condition, and the use of high-quality material ensures it will last for an extended period.


Additionally, the granulator comes with various customization options, allowing merchants to tailor the machine’s features to their unique requirements. This flexibility makes it one of the most versatile granulators on the market, capable of delivering high-quality granulations regardless of your industry.


In conclusion, the Swing Granulator offers merchants an excellent opportunity to upgrade their production processes. It is a versatile, efficient and cost-effective product that can revolutionize your manufacturing process. Its unique features, coupled with its impressive technology and user-friendly design, make it a must-have for merchants keen on streamlining their operations. Get in touch with us today and upgrade to a Swing Granulator for a better tomorrow.


Product Description

The pharmaceutical sector utilizes the Swing Granulator extensively to transform dry powder ingredients into granules. The Swing Granulator operates on a similar basis to granulators, which have a spinning disc and a set of cutting knives. The revolving disc produces both centrifugal force and inertial force to spread the powder material on the disc, and the rotating cutting knives then separate the powder. The material is divided into pieces of various sizes.



Product specification



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1. It can be used to process a variety of pharmaceutical raw materials, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, etc.;

2. High production efficiency, simple operation, easy to clean and maintain;

3. Reduce dust pollution and meet GMP requirements;

4. The particle size can be adjusted as needed;

5. There is no vibration, noise and heat generated during operation.



1. High efficiency: Due to the dual motion function of rotation and swing, the materials are fully mixed and cut during the motion process, thereby improving production efficiency.

2. Good stability: Swing Granulator is easy to operate, compact in structure, low in noise and vibration, more stable and reliable in operation, and convenient in maintenance.

3. Uniform particle size: due to the continuous action of the oscillating gear, the material is fully mixed and cut during the oscillating process, so that the particle size of the material can be made more uniform.

4. Wide range of application: It can be widely used in the manufacturing process of powder and granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, electronics, building materials and other industries.

5. Energy saving: Swing Granulator only needs a small amount of electric energy to adjust the speed, and can adapt to different product requirements, thus effectively saving energy.

6. Environmental protection: the equipment will not produce too much dust and noise, which reduces the impact on the environment and staff, and meets the requirements of environmental protection policies.




Swing Granulator is a commonly used granulator equipment, which is suitable for the granule preparation process in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. It uses high-speed rotating blades and screens for continuous crushing, so that the raw materials are cut into granules. Applications of the Swing Granulator include:

1. Pharmaceutical industry: used for granulating medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, etc.

2. Chemical industry: used for granulating chemical raw materials, such as pigments, pigment intermediates, etc.

3. Food industry: used for granulated food raw materials, such as seasonings, health products, etc.

4. Other industries: used for granulation treatment in agriculture, animal husbandry and other industries, such as chemical fertilizers, feed, etc.



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