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Horizontal Plough Mixer
Horizontal plough mixer is a horizontal agitator with linear design, which consists of a power system, rotating shaft, mixing tank, agitator and seals, etc. The agitator is mainly used for mixing and dispersing materials.
Double Paddle Mixer
Double paddle mixer is a high-efficiency powder mixer used in the chemical industry.
High Speed Blender
High speed blender is an advanced high speed blender. Equipped with 1500 W power and large forged steel blades to break down ingredients into the smoothest mix.
High Speed Mixer
In order to efficiently and uniformly mix powdery or wet materials, high speed mixers are frequently used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other industries.
Horizontal Paddle Mixer
Horizontal paddle mixer is developed on the basis of our company's transmission trough mixer.
Horizontal Tank Type Blender
Horizontal tank type blender is used to mix different powder materials. Using the blade to rotate in the trough, different materials can be mixed evenly.
Stirring Mixing Machine
Stirring mixing machine is suitable for stirring pâtés, cake baking and ribbon mixing. Mixers and mixers in different sizes can meet your needs for any production volume. With automatic pouring hopper for easy cleaning of mixers and blenders.