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Working principle of oscillating granulator machine
Dec 25, 2023 View: 139 Leave a message
An oscillating granulator machine is a type of pharmaceutical equipment used for the preparation of granules from raw materials. It works on the principle of oscillation, which involves the movement of a rotor with blades inside a cylindrical screen.

The machine consists of a hopper where the raw material is fed. The material then enters the cylindrical screen, which has perforations of a specific size. The rotor, equipped with blades, rotates at a high speed inside the screen.

As the rotor rotates, the blades push the material towards the screen walls. The material is forced through the perforations due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotor's rotation. This process helps in breaking down the material into smaller particles or granules.

The size of the granules can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the rotor and the size of the perforations in the screen. The granules that pass through the screen are collected, while the larger particles continue to circulate inside the machine until they are sufficiently reduced in size.

The oscillating motion of the rotor ensures that the material is evenly distributed across the screen, preventing clogging and ensuring efficient granulation. The machine is often used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of granules that can be further processed into tablets or capsules.

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