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Steady Development Of CNC Cylindrical Grinders
Oct 19, 2022 View: 834 Leave a message

Steady Development of CNC Cylindrical Grinders

In recent years, China's CNC cylindrical grinding machines have developed steadily. The output value of CNC cylindrical grinding machines has increased slightly, but the import demand is still large. The demand for imported CNC cylindrical grinding machines mainly tends to high-end CNC cylindrical grinding machines, such as UVA (Yuwan) CNC cylindrical grinding machines, and BAHMUELLER (BAHMUELLER) CNC cylindrical grinding machines followed by KOYO (Toyo) CNC cylindrical grinding machines. However, most of the CNC cylindrical grinding machines produced locally are low-end products.

In recent years, due to the tremendous development of national defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile, mold, machining and other industries, the domestic CNC cylindrical grinder has not been able to meet the needs of domestic machining enterprises, leading domestic enterprises to import foreign CNC cylindrical grinder. High speed, compound, fine and high-end of domestic CNC cylindrical grinder is the development direction of domestic CNC cylindrical grinder. Under this background, CNC cylindrical grinder of CNC machine tool came into being. High precision CNC cylindrical grinder is a finishing equipment, which is mainly intended to replace the imported CNC cylindrical grinder and make up for the blank in the domestic market.

With the rapid development of national economy and technology, continuous innovation of science and technology, and changes in domestic market demand, traditional machine tools can no longer meet the needs of modern construction. For the CNC cylindrical grinder, the domestic ordinary CNC cylindrical grinder and simple CNC cylindrical grinder can not meet the requirements of domestic modern processing technology, and the domestic continuously introduces foreign advanced CNC cylindrical grinder. For example, the CNC cylindrical grinder giants UVA, Balmiller, Harting, Fumard, followed by Toyo CNC cylindrical grinder, almost monopolized more than 95% of the domestic high-end CNC cylindrical grinder market. In such a market environment, domestic high-end CNC cylindrical grinder enterprises are developing in the bud and becoming stronger. Our company has introduced advanced technologies and assembly processing technologies from Europe and Japan, broken the technical barriers of foreign CNC cylindrical grinder, and developed high-precision CNC cylindrical grinder with the highest accuracy of 1 μ m. The rough grinding and fine grinding are completed at one time, which is characterized by the integrated service of grinder, CBN grinding wheel, roller and processing technology.

According to the current development status of CNC cylindrical grinder in China, it will take a long time to become a powerful country of CNC cylindrical grinder. According to the current economic development trend, CNC cylindrical grinder will become the main production tool and functional product. The development direction of CNC cylindrical grinder in the future includes the following four aspects:

1. Green CNC cylindrical grinder. Green manufacturing is an eternal topic in the equipment manufacturing industry. For the CNC cylindrical grinder, energy saving and emission reduction will be the indicator to measure the green of the CNC cylindrical grinder. The accuracy, speed and efficiency of the CNC cylindrical grinder have always been the main reference factors to measure the equipment performance. In the future, reducing power loss and waste emission will be an important factor of CNC cylindrical grinder. For example, the CNC cylindrical grinder uses CBN grinding wheel, and reducing grinding wheel consumption is the performance of green CNC cylindrical grinder.

2. Intelligent CNC cylindrical grinder. With the development of Internet computer technology, intelligent CNC cylindrical grinding machines are gradually entering the market. Intelligent CNC cylindrical grinding machines can not only improve stability but also improve the reliability of CNC cylindrical grinding machines. Intelligent CNC cylindrical grinding machines can monitor their own status with various sensors, and analyze the status and processing process of CNC cylindrical grinding machines by themselves. You can also send out your own information to think. To ensure the optimal processing accuracy.

3. "Customized" CNC cylindrical grinder. CNC cylindrical grinding machine from low-end mass production to customized manufacturing. High end CNC cylindrical grinder should not only meet customers' general process needs, but also meet customers' special process needs. It is not an empty word to provide customers with strip lifting services. It provides customers with customized CNC cylindrical grinder, and CNC provides customers with a one-stop service of grinder, grinding wheel, roller and processing technology.

4. Combination of soft and hard. At present, the CNC cylindrical grinder is not only a production equipment, but also a contact in the factory network. The CNC cylindrical grinder should establish a Internet plus system with the suppliers of production management system and grinding wheel material management system machine tools.

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